With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can make better business decisions. For example, you can improve business outcomes using data driven insights and recommendations. In addition, you can build customer relationships and thus create more meaningful engagement with a comprehensive customer view. Apart from customer relationship, you can operate your business more efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 like you can optimise and automate everyday tasks using Al-driven workflows.

Access MS Dynamics Navision from Anywhere

Now you can access MS Dynamics NAV anywhere across the world. It’s a time to experience MS Dynamics NAV on a wide range of devices like smartphone, tablet, Notebook etc. This app from Microsoft targets small and medium sized business. It is portable and flexible when user is away from the desk or business. The app effectively twists the business initiative of organizations around mobility. It provides generic cloud and on premises hybrid software solution.



Reasons to choose NAV app:

  1. Operational in offline modes:
    Internet connection is not a necessity. It works in offline mode as well.
    Changes made in offline mode are updated automatically when connection
    reestablishes to the Dynamics NAV server.
  2. Highly customizable :
    Just like the Dynamics NAV system, app is also customizable as every business
    need is different as every business is unique.
  3. Easy to use :
    With its efficient user interface, it can be used easily without any specific
  4. Device independent :
    Mobile NAV offers application on all popular platform. Therefore you can use
    it on the device you have.
  5. Always updated :
    App is always updated with the latest technologies and it works with latest
    operating system and latest NAV versions.
  6. Worldwide coverage:
    MS Dynamics NAV is available anywhere in the world as the partner network is
    spread across everywhere.


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