How to choose better ERP?

͞Picking one out of many beautiful things has always been difficult, but if its of
optimum use, one must know about it till the roots..

With so many ERP solutions available, choosing one that will satisfy your business needs is somewhere a difficult task. Keeping in mind ERP solutions are expensive, Organizations should be more careful while choosing the particular one to suit their requirements. Although investment on ERP is not a bad idea as it has good returns like reduced cost of operations, data security,
increased productivity etc.

Things to be taken care of while choosing an ERP:


  1. Objectives and Requirements :
    Scan your business today and make a list of your fantasies about the future of your business. Now mark the differences between your present and future list and that are the requirements and the expectations that the particular ERP must possess. Also, make a survey of the problems that the employees are facing, that can be solved by ERP solutions. Don’t be dependent on the software vendors to explain you the features, be clear enough to explain your business requirements.
  2. Make a balance between current infrastructure and ERP to be installed :
    ERP Software must be capable of supporting a range of modules from purchase management and project management to CRM and accounting and finance management. Also, it should be flexible enough for upgrades and customizations. Keeping in mind the future requirements, it must be a comprehensive solution to provide scalability as well as productivity for your business.
  3. Ask for references :
    Before spending your hard earned money on ERP Software, check if you can rely on the software vendor if the vendor is trustworthy or not? Ask for the references, verify the products and services. Shortlist the vendor and the product, only if you are satisfied.
  4. BI and Reporting tools :
    Business Intelligence is one of the most important features, you should overlook the ERP solutions for!! Every ERP has a different level of intelligence. Based on the suitability, most efficient and intelligent solution should be preferred.
  5. User-friendly:
    The ERP solution must be user-friendly so that employees can easily get used to it and its features. Also, make a deal with the vendor for software demo to employees to increase their level of comfort while working.
  6. A vendor whom you can trust :
    Last but not the least, choose right ERP partner to get best support and resources so that ERP solutions can really benefit you. Give an eye on the history of the vendor, vendor’s customers and the future stability of vendor in the market to see if you can enjoy their services for a long time or not.We, at Vatsin Technology, provides ERP Installation and related services with the best quality, just give us a
    chance to automate and ease your workload and that too with the best financials in the market.



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