eCommerce Integration with MS Dynamics Navision

eCommerce Integration with MS Dynamics NAV is highly recommended as it provides good shopping experiences. We, at Vatsin Tech provide eCommerce deployment for B2B, B2C, and customer self-service portals. It brings together e-commerce website, and digital marketing tools at the same platform, thereby reducing operational cost.

With integration, error rate reduces as manual work changes to automated one.

Important factors to an e-commerce solution:

  • Easy to use customer interface.
  • Ability to quickly customize and update the storefront.
  • Efficient at customer’s end.
  • Efficiency in related transactions.
  • Ability to sell to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Few of the key points for e-commerce integration with MS Dynamics NAV:-

  • This integration makes solutions that are fast and easy to implement and maintain. Also, changes can be made to the solution as per the needs.
  • For B2B portals, real time interface with NAV provides access to up to date pricing and inventory count, GST and other taxes.
  • Integration allows storefront to process orders and transactions quickly and reliably.
  • In case of international deals, e-commerce solution can be localized for each country and utilize currency features within NAV.

We provide e-commerce solution with real time integration to dynamics NAV. We provide fully functional and unique e-commerce solution built for MS Dynamics NAV.


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