Manager better Finances with Microsoft Navision ERP

One of the most important modules of MS Dynamics NAV is a Financial module. With a wide variety of tools in this module, it measures the effectiveness of the financial management of your business. Along with laying down a strong foundation for finance process, it analyzes company’s financial info by providing finance and accounting solutions.With new version of NAV’17 following new reports

With the new version of NAV’17 following new reports have been introduced :

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Retained Earning statement

The income statement and balance sheets are two important company reports. An account in these is called G/L account. The period report shows trial balance by showing the opening balance by general ledger account, the movement in the selected period and the closing balance. Cash management is used to manage company’s bank account. One of the main feature of cash management is the bank account card window, which contains your company’s bank details. You can reconcile incoming and outgoing payments by importing bank transaction files and using automatic application. You can void posted checks and reconcile the bank account with ledger entries. Following are the cash management enhancements :

  • Bank integration-simple and uniform across border
  • Incoming and outgoing bank payments
  • Create and manage electronic payments

Fixed assets management, for each fixed asset, you must set up a card containing info about the asset. Assets can be split and combined or it can be categorized on the basis of class, department and location. You can set up depreciation books for different kinds of depreciation. Periodic depreciation can be calculated using a batch job. You can record maintenance costs and next service date. MS Dynamics NAV keeps track of maintenance expenses. Fixed assets can be attached to insurance policies. Therefore it can easily be verified if an insurance policy is in accordance with the value of asset or not. MS Dynamics NAV also enables you to print balances of Payables/Receivables in all currencies.

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