Reasons!! Why MS Dynamics NAV is Perfect for Wholesale Distribution?!

The two most important aspects of any business are technology and management. The poor
management system can take the business below the level. MS Dynamics NAV is Enterprise
Resource Planning software that offers functionalities as per the business needs. Besides being
easy to use, it is flexible for the customizations.

MS Dynamics NAV provides best solutions for accounting and finance. Irrespective of currency
or location, it provides best solutions for all financial terms.

Following are the reasons to choose MS Dynamics NAV for wholesale distribution accounting

  1. Covers all business aspects :
    MS Dynamics NAV covers all range of business aspects. Suited functionalities can be
    added as per the needs, thereby decreasing time spend on accounting tasks.
  2. Manage Assets :
    Managing assets is not a problem anymore. MS Dynamics NAV will manage the fixed
    assets till disposal.
  3. Provides financial and accounting reporting tools :
    Compared to other financial software, It produces more reports. This software has
    powerful financial reporting tools like value added tax facilities, general journal,
    recurring journal and more.
  4. Integrated with MS Office :
    Integration with MS Office kicks it towards more efficiency and effective business
    reporting. The most important feature is SQL Database contained in it, which drives SQL
  5. Control over monetary resources :
    Every business is concerned about cash flow and this software provides feature for
    optimization of cash flow.
  6. Indifferent to currency :
    The multi-currency supporting feature makes the software to be operational in
    International markets and efficient for global transactions.
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