Get Real-Time Reports & Insights with Quality ERP Software

Competing in the market and growing higher among the competitors, requires real-time reports and insights. Today, all the industries manufacturers and owners are pursuing greater speed, reliability, flexibility, scale, and simplicity in every area of their services. With the help of quality ERP software, it is now become easy to get real-time data and insights while making their goals possible to achieve.

Despite the fact, ERP software stores plenty of information on a daily basis which is practically not possible to delve that information manually on a daily basis. With the additional features of ERP software, you don’t need to waste your precious time in figuring out the desired information as the information is automatically collected with a click in ERP systems.

Accelerate your business production with quality ERP systems

Considering ERP solution is known to be the integral tool to essential support the business growth efforts as it has a number of functionalities, especially targeted with a global presence. To grow your business higher in the industry, getting the best and reliable ERP system can be an unbelievably onerous process. You can deal with a variety of business functions including warehousing, invoicing, payroll, finance and operations, and many more.

The efficient ERP software provides multiple levels of standard as well as bespoke business real-time financial reports and insights quickly. So, filter your data and information into useful knowledge which you can work on by using powerful features including grouping, sorting, charting, and filtering capabilities. Hence, selecting the right and best ERP solution will let you and your business avoid dependence on manually report analysis and writing.

Modern Age B2C CRM Software

Understanding the fact, not all the CRMs make sense for all type of businesses as they are designed with the intention of helping businesses streamline their sales activities. There are mainly two types of CRM including B2C CRM and B2B CRM which are very different from each other. However, B2C (Business to Consumer) is one of those models where business sell products and services directly to their end users. An example of this is restaurants, hospitality, telecom industry, and much more.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with B2C CRM

As the name suggests, B2C CRM generally has a larger number of customers. Moreover, B2C CRM software makes it possible for the businesses to form a real connection with the real-time individual customers which is a key to B2C success.

Finding the best B2C CRM software which fits the needs of the businesses can be difficult and that’s why to avoid the same, we provide quality B2C CRM software to our valuable clients. Given below is a quick breakdown of the elements of B2C CRM software that includes:

  • Detailed customer tracking and contact management
  • Cloud-based operation
  • Real-time updating
  • Advanced reporting
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Extensive automation
  • Success with sales force

Dealer​ ​Management​ ​system​ ​and​ ​integration​ ​with​ ​NAV

Since management system is must for every business to prosper and the most important asset of every business is “customer”. Keeping both in mind Dealer Management System was introduced. DMS can be integrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, OneNote), Microsoft SQL Server etc. However, integrating DMS with MS Dynamics NAV has the best outcomes. It can take control over the business process, it let the employees to perform best, thereby satisfying the customer. It has great features to support multi-national companies, multi-site companies, and multi-language requirements and is best for automotive Industry. Due to constant changes needed in business, IT dept needs to remain updated. We provide integration in such a way that fits the best to the technology and the business need. Gone are those days of difficulty when dealers were expected to log in to separate software systems to truly run their business, DMS helps dealers manage their entire business from a single login platform and that’s a big relief!! The important features of DMS include inventory and customer management, deal structuring and contracting, buy here pay here (BHPH) management with payment processing, integrated dealership websites and other online marketing tools and mobile app enabling dealers to use their phone to manage their business on the go. Being a manufacturer or the distributor, if you strive for success, then DMS is not an option but a must to deploy the system to deliver good and right products at right time.

We, at Vatsin Tech have experts to suggest you the best and to clear all the doubts regarding the same, just give us a chance and we will provide the best system that will meet your business needs and to provide the best outcomes.

MS Navision and Sharepoint integration

MS Dynamics integration with SharePoint is efficient for companies that value quality internal systems, world-class software and automation for their employees. Users can retrieve and view documents from the dynamics application. It has high adoption rate and quicker access to documents enhances the productivity.

Vatsin Tech has a strong team of experts to give you the easy business solutions that every employee can work on. We are focussed on your business needs and growth.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration in SharePoint

  • One way and two-way connection
    You can write-back the changes made in SharePoint to the Dynamics NAV data source automatically with full CRUD (Create / Update / Delete) functionality. The SharePoint list can act as a full-featured front-end for Dynamics NAV.
  • No licenses required
    Users are working with native SharePoint lists as a “data cache”. No Dynamics NAV licenses are required for SharePoint users.
  • Most secured and best performance
    SharePoint Secure Store can be used to store security relevant configuration information safely in one central place. Users are working with the SharePoint lists as an external data cache with highest security and performance.
  • Resource Specialization
    As SharePoint customizations are not relevant for all implementations, your team continues to focus on the product’s core capabilities while leveraging DynamicPoint expertise.
  • Easily work with documents
    The user works exclusively in the environment of Dynamics NAV and at the same time can take advantage of advanced SharePoint functionalities. NAV uses the best of each application enabling users to comfortably work under one roof.
  • Advanced approval
    The user can start the approval of any record directly in Dynamics NAV (e.g., purchase order, received invoice, project phase, complaint log, etc.). Dynamics Nav will then display the actual status of the approval process directly on the card in a separate fact box.

Other most common NAV add-ons:


Manager better Finances with Microsoft Navision ERP

One of the most important modules of MS Dynamics NAV is a Financial module. With a wide variety of tools in this module, it measures the effectiveness of the financial management of your business. Along with laying down a strong foundation for finance process, it analyzes company’s financial info by providing finance and accounting solutions.With new version of NAV’17 following new reports

With the new version of NAV’17 following new reports have been introduced :

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Retained Earning statement

The income statement and balance sheets are two important company reports. An account in these is called G/L account. The period report shows trial balance by showing the opening balance by general ledger account, the movement in the selected period and the closing balance. Cash management is used to manage company’s bank account. One of the main feature of cash management is the bank account card window, which contains your company’s bank details. You can reconcile incoming and outgoing payments by importing bank transaction files and using automatic application. You can void posted checks and reconcile the bank account with ledger entries. Following are the cash management enhancements :

  • Bank integration-simple and uniform across border
  • Incoming and outgoing bank payments
  • Create and manage electronic payments

Fixed assets management, for each fixed asset, you must set up a card containing info about the asset. Assets can be split and combined or it can be categorized on the basis of class, department and location. You can set up depreciation books for different kinds of depreciation. Periodic depreciation can be calculated using a batch job. You can record maintenance costs and next service date. MS Dynamics NAV keeps track of maintenance expenses. Fixed assets can be attached to insurance policies. Therefore it can easily be verified if an insurance policy is in accordance with the value of asset or not. MS Dynamics NAV also enables you to print balances of Payables/Receivables in all currencies.

Microsoft Navision Integration​ ​with​ ​Outlook

The Microsoft office outlook adds in component synchronizes data, such as to-dos, contacts, and tasks between MS Dynamics NAV and outlook. This feature use NAV web services. Entities i.e., NAV Contacts, salesperson, to-do and outlooks contacts, tasks and meetings can either be synchronized manually or automatically at regular intervals.


Default setup contains the mapping for the following entities :

  • To-dos of type Meeting
  • Contacts of the Company type
  • Contacts of the Person type
  • Salespeople
  • To-dos of type blank or Phone

If needed, additional fields can also be added to this mapping. A wide range of third-party tools and extensions enhances the functionality of MS Dynamics NAV to meet the industry-specific needs. Following are the most common NAV add-ons :



Microsoft Navision Integration​ ​with​ ​WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Small to large-sized online merchants use this plugin to sell things. A survey in 2015 indicates that WooCommerce ran on 30% of e-commerce sites and millions of active installs. The specialty about it is, It is free based product and an open source. Also, it is simple to install and customize.

Sell anything: Without considering the kind of thing, it can be sold, be it real products, digital downloads, their time, accommodation or even a subscription. This plugin enables you to set up a store to help them sell it online.

Shipment options: It supports flat rate shipping and drop shipping. It enables you to open your store worldwide or if you want, you can limit the shipments to specific places. – Payment

Payment options: It supports most of the payment options like major credit cards, PayPal, BACS (bank transfers), and cash on delivery.

Customizable: Expandable, adaptable, and open source. With its strong framework, client’s store can be changed all the way from basic to high-end.

Following are the integration touch points available within Microsoft Dynamics NAV :

  • Products (Images | Cross-Sell & Upsell links | Web Texts)
  • Inventory & Stock Levels
  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Customer Accounts

Technology used :
WooCommerce handles tiny JSON files sent by MS Dynamics NAV. These files create or update the necessary records in the WooCommerce database.
The Job Queue within Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes care of the communication between both the systems.

Benefits of integration :

  1. Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory
  2. Process Orders Quickly
  3. Automate Financial Entry Improve
  4. Avoid ‘Out of Stock’
  5. Track Guest Checkouts
  6. Customer Satisfaction

Available versions:
The WooCommerce Connector is available in following versions :

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017


Other most common NAV add-ons:

MS Dynamics NAV Customization at any level & for any business process

Needs and requirements of particular business changes as the business grow. So, how can one stay dependent on a software for the whole business term? Obviously, one can if that software allows customizations and MS Dynamics NAV is one of the software, known for the ability. It can easily be customized to meet unique business requirements. With MS Dynamics NAV, Organizations can have the ERP solution that fits the business needs with Business Intelligence feature.

For customizations to be in place, An excellent development team is required as customizations are done incorrectly is waste of time and money, which are both the important aspects of a business. This tool is cost effective as you have to only pay for the features and functionalities that your business actually need at the time of installation and other feature can be added later in case needed.

There are built-in customization options :

  1. Personalizations: When end users themselves customize the user interface.
  2. Configuration: When system administrators and business managers customize the user
    interface for end users.

Vatsin Technology provides customizations at all the levels and for all the business processes. We have the first rate development team with a solid methodology to ensure solid customizations and provide best services across the industry.

Advance warehouse management with MS Dynamics Navision

Is it difficult to manage inventory and distribute items in a warehouse environment? Not anymore. Warehouse management system is the integrated offering for MS Dynamics NAV. The integrated solution provides functionality for advanced warehouses rather than the basic ones.

Effective warehouse processes that are designed in WMS reduce cost. If your company sends and receives goods and also has to maintain space for the goods that have to be stored at any given time, this integration will prove best.

There are 2 types of bins:

  1. Predetermined bins
  2. Random bins

Advance warehouse processes involve zones and bins, directed picks and put always. For directed picks and put always, zones need to be divided into bins. In MS Dynamics NAV, fixed bins hold particular items dedicated to it whereas floating bins have no items assigned. Floating bins occupied less space in comparison.

One of the most important features is, you can block items in a bin from warehouse activities. For example- Items that are defected or are under quality control in a bin, that item will not be used for picking or movements and this blocked bin content will be excluded from available to bin calculation.

The put-away template makes put away process easy as it specifies how to find a suitable bin for an inbound item. The bin capacity in terms of quantity, total cubage, and weight is adjustable.

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eCommerce Integration with MS Dynamics Navision

eCommerce Integration with MS Dynamics NAV is highly recommended as it provides good shopping experiences. We, at Vatsin Tech provide eCommerce deployment for B2B, B2C, and customer self-service portals. It brings together e-commerce website, and digital marketing tools at the same platform, thereby reducing operational cost.

With integration, error rate reduces as manual work changes to automated one.

Important factors to an e-commerce solution:

  • Easy to use customer interface.
  • Ability to quickly customize and update the storefront.
  • Efficient at customer’s end.
  • Efficiency in related transactions.
  • Ability to sell to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Few of the key points for e-commerce integration with MS Dynamics NAV:-

  • This integration makes solutions that are fast and easy to implement and maintain. Also, changes can be made to the solution as per the needs.
  • For B2B portals, real time interface with NAV provides access to up to date pricing and inventory count, GST and other taxes.
  • Integration allows storefront to process orders and transactions quickly and reliably.
  • In case of international deals, e-commerce solution can be localized for each country and utilize currency features within NAV.

We provide e-commerce solution with real time integration to dynamics NAV. We provide fully functional and unique e-commerce solution built for MS Dynamics NAV.