GST implimentation in Microsoft Navision

This article will help you understand the changes that GST will incur in your day to day transactions, and how the staff at Vatsin can help in easing up the transaction process and taxation system for your company or business using the recently released GST patch for Microsoft Dynamics Nav.  The following things will be discussed in this article-

  • An overview of GST
  • How people at Vatsin technology can help your business to cope up with GST
  • The GST Services we provide-
    • Navision Customization and Developmental Services
    • Navision integration
    • Navision implementation
    • Navision consulting
    • Navision migration and up- gradation services
    • Navision Support and maintenance


We provide best GST implementation in Navision with the best price (guaranteed)  in the market. you can call us anytime for any of your queries at +91-9971927231 or email at

Overview Of GST

With the new GST regime knocking at the door,  the businesses are going all crazy over finding the next big solution to sustain their old and rickety taxation systems. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax and will be effective from 1st of July 2017 in India. This is meant as a checking system to curb all those cascading taxes- like service tax, VAT,  Octroi, central taxes, entry tax, excise duty and so on and so forth.  So basically, this will be a kind of indirect tax which will be levied on every single supply of goods and services, ruling out multiple layers of Tax. IF you want to know more about GST then you can read about it on our blog about the GST and its implications HERE.

How People at Vatsin Technology Can Help Your Business to Cope Up With GST

We have a gamut of experienced employees who work day in day out to meet our client’s satisfaction. The happy clientele we have is owed not only to the technical expertise that we provide but also to our nimble working approach where we believe in aligning every single modulation with the requirements with our client. We believe, that any solution, whether it is software/ ERP based, or just consultation based- should always render something useful for our client.

So what can we do to enhance your business in a GST enabled economy? In a nutshell, we can provide services for GST compliance to your business. So what does it include? Have a look at what we have in our bag to offer your company –

  • Your business is bound to be affected by GST in one way or the other.  Doesn’t matter whether you are small-scale manufacturer or a large scale service provider- GST will lay bare the loopholes in your workflow and unless covered efficiently, it will affect your business adversely. We at  Vatsin technology will provide your company with the missing expertise in the field of analysis and will help you in anticipating what domains of your business are going to be affected by GST.
  • Whether you are an IT company or not, there are many potential issues that still remain unaddressed and unidentified you company’s IT department and sometimes even not identified to be included in the IT ambit. Such issues need to be mended immediately so that they can effectively meet the compliance issues and our team at Vatsin Technology solution will help you in effectively achieving that goal.
  • If you are a person who stays upbeat about technologies, then chances are that you already would have an ERP system put into effect into your business. Even if you don’t have one, then we can help you with choosing the right ERP systems that comply with GST modules and also help you in upgrading your current ERP systems to accommodate GST in its regime.
  • If you need help with planning your tax calculation procedure by modifying or upgrading it, or you need to map the changes in your business environment regarding things like interstate stock transfer, then we can be of great help to you.
  • We will seamlessly modulate your output reports that will cover all your output requirements such as quotations, purchase orders, invoice or receipt generation etc.
  • We will help you with the modification process of your system where you will need to keep tab of the goods sold or purchased before and after the implementation of GST.
  • We can help you with holistically with the popular Microsoft Dynamics software which is very useful for GST implications and compliance.
  • We won’t back off simply after we sell our services to you; we’ll always be there for you in your post-implementation problems and will go out of our way to help you and your business.

The GST Services We Provide

After years of toil and hard work, we at Vatsin Technology have formulated a team that is capable of addressing any organizational level or ERP-based problem. Being a Microsoft partner, working with Microsoft Dynamic Nav is our everyday work which we accomplish successfully every time.

With regards to GST, Navision can be an ace for your company because of the special GST patch introduces by Microsoft for Navision.  It is ready made and ready to use the product and can take up to 15 days depending on the size of your organization.  Our GST services cover up things like GST setups, GST reconciliation, GST reports including GSTR1 and GSTR2, providing GST solutions for Master elements such as location, customer, vendor etc and all of these facilities will be inclusive of the GST compliances.


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