Advance warehouse management with MS Dynamics Navision

Is it difficult to manage inventory and distribute items in a warehouse environment? Not anymore. Warehouse management system is the integrated offering for MS Dynamics NAV. The integrated solution provides functionality for advanced warehouses rather than the basic ones.

Effective warehouse processes that are designed in WMS reduce cost. If your company sends and receives goods and also has to maintain space for the goods that have to be stored at any given time, this integration will prove best.

There are 2 types of bins:

  1. Predetermined bins
  2. Random bins

Advance warehouse processes involve zones and bins, directed picks and put always. For directed picks and put always, zones need to be divided into bins. In MS Dynamics NAV, fixed bins hold particular items dedicated to it whereas floating bins have no items assigned. Floating bins occupied less space in comparison.

One of the most important features is, you can block items in a bin from warehouse activities. For example- Items that are defected or are under quality control in a bin, that item will not be used for picking or movements and this blocked bin content will be excluded from available to bin calculation.

The put-away template makes put away process easy as it specifies how to find a suitable bin for an inbound item. The bin capacity in terms of quantity, total cubage, and weight is adjustable.

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  1. Raj Sharma
    Raj Sharma says:

    This is the best solution and easy to understand. this will help in improving warehouse management system. I like your solution. Keep posting like this will help us out. Thanks for posting.


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