Microsoft Navision Integration​ ​with​ ​Outlook

The Microsoft office outlook adds in component synchronizes data, such as to-dos, contacts, and tasks between MS Dynamics NAV and outlook. This feature use NAV web services. Entities i.e., NAV Contacts, salesperson, to-do and outlooks contacts, tasks and meetings can either be synchronized manually or automatically at regular intervals.


Default setup contains the mapping for the following entities :

  • To-dos of type Meeting
  • Contacts of the Company type
  • Contacts of the Person type
  • Salespeople
  • To-dos of type blank or Phone

If needed, additional fields can also be added to this mapping. A wide range of third-party tools and extensions enhances the functionality of MS Dynamics NAV to meet the industry-specific needs. Following are the most common NAV add-ons :



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